Saturday, 8 November 2014

Darren Nisbett

Today I was invited to an incredible talk by Darren Nisbett - an "Urbex" photographer who is definitely now going to have to be a favourite. He produces some of the most stunning work I have seen developed from some of my favourite places... the abandoned ones!

The photographs don't need any introduction, no words, they just tell a story, so many stories and yet will keep you intregued about the place. They'll leave you wanting more, wanting to explore the majical place by yourself because it draws you in to the mystery of what was once there when the place was once alive. "Bumper Cars" is such a gem. No colour needed, just the clear vision of what Chernobyl's theme park has now become!

He was explaining how he enjoys being creative with some of his pieces by extending them by piecing together a few photographs to make them unique so that no other photographer will have produced something similar. This one "Nursery Rhymes" really caught my eye. It's quite sad knowing that this childhood place was once probably filled with laughter from the children running and being happy and playful. Now it's a dead space with only a few memories remaining to hint that there was anything there ever.

I will definitely be buying his book on his travel to Chernobyl and I now have been incised to explore this wonderful place for myself.