Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Exhibiting at "New Designers"!!

Next week from the 25th - 28th June, I will be exhibiting my work at New Designers, an exhibition for up and coming artists, textile designers, jewellery makers etc. If you're interesting in coming along please visit the website:

My work specifically will be shown in week 1 on stand T46... if you plan on getting tickets in advance here is a 2 for 1 offer: NDEXHIBITOR1

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Belgium skills tour garments....

The last few days of the skills tour were exciting and proved to be quite productive. We carried on to experiment with all the unwoven materials available and developed what we had produced into a fairly extravagant garment, inspiration of "Lady Gaga meets Cruella De Ville". Myself and Anthea chose to combine all of our knowledge of print and composition together using all of the new materials. Admittedly some days in the studio were quite long and tiring and we both got a bit snappy at times, but at the same time had a great experience and i would continue to go back to do the skills tours. After all design can't always be relaxing and easy, it would be quite boring it if that was the case.

Everyone garments were all really different and interesting. We all used different materials, some strong and sturdy and other very elegant and light, others used techniques such as embroidery, or lazer cutting to produce simple and effective patterns...

The studio...

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

I'm in Belgium... again !

Indeed i am back in Belgium, and this time it's looking promising! Already today we have Travelled to Ghent and could have been shown how to use the digital printing, knitting a weaving equipment and the local collage. The equipment was huge, i didn't understand how it was so empty, if i were studying there i would certainly have made the most of it! Luckily later on during the week we will be travelling back there to carry on with our pieces. 

I also took a revisit to one of my absolute favourite places on the planet... this i call my kind of museum!

So far during the tutorials and workshops we have chosen to do our own thing and simply experience with all new types of materials, especially non-wovens to produce some interesting effects. As a pair working on a collaboration, myself and Anthea have chosen to produce a neck piece as a type of costume... so far interesting... the rest will come during the next few days..