Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Research project

I have just finished my research project and am now moving into the final major project of my degree. I feel that my research project needed a lot more time for me to really get into depth with the printing side. I feel that i was able to clearly develop my sketchbook into developing printed samples.
To sum up the overall idea of my project, i have incorporated architectural structure and imagery with my own collage interpretations. The aim of the research project was to not only gather up as much research on what art interests me but to also research what manipulation techniques and printing elements i can incorporate into my designs... and therefore what works well to further be developed into my final year collection.

Here I have been using paper collages ...

Which i based on these images of huts and shacks from around the world
with comparing London's strong structures...

To then develop into large samples of printed fabric and i have included my visualization for how i would see them as fashion garments:

I have mainly been using Pigment dicharging print pastes with hints of Procion prints. I have also used Myrabolan and rust printing elements in the 2nd piece (this can be found in UCA Work). This was to interpret a contrast between the architecture and the colour. My work has been inspired by Iris Van Herpen. Her structures have encouraged me to reinvent the detailed on the print and to urge the eye to travel around the piece with so many different details to look at.
This part of the project however is only the beginning to my final major project. and so i will be developing this idea further up until may. So i haven't got very long to sort out all my ideas and get my new sketchbook up and running.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Final post on Belgium...

A weekend of working relaxing as much as i could before posting the final blog on Belgium...

What did i think of the trip in a few words?
Interesting... Having the one lecture on new materials was probably the best part of the trip.
Fun... I had the chance to meet a select group of people from around Europe, which all had their individual qualities and each one of them were brilliant at what they do. Some really funny and others simply really cool new people to talk to. It's not every day you get the chance to go to Belgium for free and realize there more to textiles than just 2D printing.
Unsatisfied?... As much i really appreciated the opportunity , and again met some awesome people. I really feel like i didn't learn a lot. On the application it stated that i would be learning skills such as embroidery, laser cutting, heat press and other technologies. We were simply shown for about half an hour, all the really basic application. Whre as i thought we would be getting long intense classes on how to use them at a higher level - not performing a movement class and making myself feel slightly uncomfortable infront of so many strangers. I feel i would have benefited from seeing these skills used on a professional level - more examples when used in industry- rather than "GCSE" level tools. At this stage of my degree i feel that i needed to be learning more about the 2D application rather than flipping my ideas very quickly into a 3D product design which i have near to no experience about.
Although i did learn one important thing, that its never a bad thing to try new things, if i learnt something or nothing, it's an experience worth doing. At least now i know that i don't particularly want to go into product design or art choreography.

During the last couple of days, i felt i need to get back into doing what i know best and incorporating Screen print into our futurist product, I was able to incorporate using the Thermochromic Ink into an image. We all agreed that our garment was to enhance the feeling of intimidation and creepiness into the image hence why i came up with this creepy looking mouth to be where the mouth would be. The idea was that when the person would breathe heavily, the colours of the image would change and go brighter.

The final product was made, and we were asked to make a presentation which part was also film by the local news, which was quite nerve racking. The final product had element of myself, Elliot (fashion student) and Charlotte (weave student). We all put our spin on "making"...

Some brilliant and really talented people to work with.... Thanks again for the opportunity to take part in the TI03 international workshop... ----> like on facebook