Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Won 2nd Prize!

Have just been informed that i have been awarded 2nd prize in The Bradford Textile Society!

The award is presented in catagory U1 - CLOTHWORKERS' FOUNDATION AWARD For a Material Construction for either a Fashion or Interiors Product, created by non-conventional means.

I am so grateful for my work to be recognized and appreciated. Many thanks to all the judges and especially the tutors at UCA Farnham for all your help putting the boards together! It just goes to show what can come out of putting a good days work into something.

Congratulations to all the other winners and commendations i look forward to seeing the work at Salts Mill in May.

All the winners can be seen on the Bradford Textile Society website:

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Reaching the end of the course... FMP Post 5

 3 weeks until the final hand in and it's all over for the free life at university. Just handed in the final section of my dissertation, the 'critical reflection' which for me seemed harder than i thought, it really made me think about everything i was doing throughout the whole 3 years on this course. However, it really tested how much depth i could go into about my work. But 9000 words later in total the essay writing is finally over and done with.

  As for the practical work it's all beginning to be brought together. I find the garment shaping very exciting ...

I have found it very important to think about the composition of the print determined by the shape and movement of the garment and working with the garment rather than producing the print and then struggling to fit it in with a garment shape.

So that a little sneak peak towards the final collection which i plan to produce 3 different but connecting garment suggested pieces. All of which will include a variety of print design based around this abstract and very chaotic nature.