Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Research project

I have just finished my research project and am now moving into the final major project of my degree. I feel that my research project needed a lot more time for me to really get into depth with the printing side. I feel that i was able to clearly develop my sketchbook into developing printed samples.
To sum up the overall idea of my project, i have incorporated architectural structure and imagery with my own collage interpretations. The aim of the research project was to not only gather up as much research on what art interests me but to also research what manipulation techniques and printing elements i can incorporate into my designs... and therefore what works well to further be developed into my final year collection.

Here I have been using paper collages ...

Which i based on these images of huts and shacks from around the world
with comparing London's strong structures...

To then develop into large samples of printed fabric and i have included my visualization for how i would see them as fashion garments:

I have mainly been using Pigment dicharging print pastes with hints of Procion prints. I have also used Myrabolan and rust printing elements in the 2nd piece (this can be found in UCA Work). This was to interpret a contrast between the architecture and the colour. My work has been inspired by Iris Van Herpen. Her structures have encouraged me to reinvent the detailed on the print and to urge the eye to travel around the piece with so many different details to look at.
This part of the project however is only the beginning to my final major project. and so i will be developing this idea further up until may. So i haven't got very long to sort out all my ideas and get my new sketchbook up and running.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Final post on Belgium...

A weekend of working relaxing as much as i could before posting the final blog on Belgium...

What did i think of the trip in a few words?
Interesting... Having the one lecture on new materials was probably the best part of the trip.
Fun... I had the chance to meet a select group of people from around Europe, which all had their individual qualities and each one of them were brilliant at what they do. Some really funny and others simply really cool new people to talk to. It's not every day you get the chance to go to Belgium for free and realize there more to textiles than just 2D printing.
Unsatisfied?... As much i really appreciated the opportunity , and again met some awesome people. I really feel like i didn't learn a lot. On the application it stated that i would be learning skills such as embroidery, laser cutting, heat press and other technologies. We were simply shown for about half an hour, all the really basic application. Whre as i thought we would be getting long intense classes on how to use them at a higher level - not performing a movement class and making myself feel slightly uncomfortable infront of so many strangers. I feel i would have benefited from seeing these skills used on a professional level - more examples when used in industry- rather than "GCSE" level tools. At this stage of my degree i feel that i needed to be learning more about the 2D application rather than flipping my ideas very quickly into a 3D product design which i have near to no experience about.
Although i did learn one important thing, that its never a bad thing to try new things, if i learnt something or nothing, it's an experience worth doing. At least now i know that i don't particularly want to go into product design or art choreography.

During the last couple of days, i felt i need to get back into doing what i know best and incorporating Screen print into our futurist product, I was able to incorporate using the Thermochromic Ink into an image. We all agreed that our garment was to enhance the feeling of intimidation and creepiness into the image hence why i came up with this creepy looking mouth to be where the mouth would be. The idea was that when the person would breathe heavily, the colours of the image would change and go brighter.

The final product was made, and we were asked to make a presentation which part was also film by the local news, which was quite nerve racking. The final product had element of myself, Elliot (fashion student) and Charlotte (weave student). We all put our spin on "making"...

Some brilliant and really talented people to work with.... Thanks again for the opportunity to take part in the TI03 international workshop... ----> like on facebook                

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Day 3... i'll let you judge.

My bed in the B&B is so comfy i slept straight through my alarm :) Only just managed to wake up in time for breakfast!.. wouldn't ave wanted to miss out on that!. .

Anyway , today was slightly more motivating. We were introduced to a new teacher who works with the company Phillips. She has both a fashion and technical background and was intrigued to listen to what products we had come up with yesterday. We were then put into groups of 3 to combine all of our ideas and work with our specialisms. I was in a group with a weaver and a fashion designer, quite interesting and good to find out more about different professions and ideas. We also had small workshops, i learnt how to use the laser cutter which of course will come in very handy when back in the studio, and i was simply told were they kept all the screen printing equipment... hopefully will be using this tomorrow, and of course be in my element!...

Anyway here was the product we eventually came up with, to emphasize big hoodies and large shoulder movements...

I'll let you do the judging....

Later in the evening we were able to leave a little earlier to have a relaxing evening and just have a good chit chat. Elliot had drawn me a really cool graffiti piece :) whilst the girls chilled out watching a good bit of monsters university.

Bed time already, this week is already flying by and only one full day left and leaving at 12 on friday :( ... so we're all guessing lots of work tomorrow ready for a presentation on friday morning.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Day 2.. A useful lecture

Similarly as yesterday, in the morning again had an amazing big breakfast thanks to the lovely Patsy who runs the B&B.Then this morning got back into the studio for some more loosening body exercises and re-thinking of our specific, everyday ritual.... So i ended up choosing the motion of wiping my window when i get into the car.. from this we we asked to make something in relation to this movement. The concept has been slightly hard to understand considering i don't do garment making or make anything functional. But eventually i simply came up with a wiping tool which can be slid onto the hand and has cushioned parts to the pressure points of the hand which wipe the window.

It has been interesting to learn more about the body and thinking further into the shapes which it moves into, however i feel slightly uncomfortable creating a product rather than learning about the fabric and other uses of print design. So far we haven't yet been introduced to any lazer cutting, screen printing, heat pressing or embroidery techniques. I have felt similarly to what i felt in my old drama lessons - slightly pointless.

However at 1pm we had a lecture on new innovative materials and other printing materials. This on the other had was very useful and we all learnt things which will be very useful back home when carrying on with our uni projects. But they'll be no telling til the end of the year ... will be fun to see what i can come up with. Everyone else had some interesting things to come up with.. for example one girl made a pretty amazing dressing gown-like outfit... pretty see-through but it was to represent "just...hanging around" lol ... i haven't been in such hysterics like that for a long time! i just thought it was a brilliant way she said it.

Looking forward to tomorrow, hopefully they'll be some printing going on. 

Monday, 25 November 2013

So I'm in Belgium...

Suddenly i'm in Belgium !... Well the opportunity was mentioned by our technician at uni with an application for a completely free experience to go to Belgium and do a skills tour. Run by CrysaLis (the same organisation run in Calais who created the exhibition of Iris Van Herpen, the Skills tour is a 5 day workshop experience new textiles techniques including lazer cutting, Silk screen printing, weaving, electronic fabrics, heat press and more! The whole journey completely free (food, accommodation and travel) all they would like in return is a report about the experience hence why i'm writing up about my journey here :) 

Day 1:
I am so very lucky to have been given this opportunity as it definitely does not get given out every day. It all very exciting so far, the B&B couldn't be more lovely, my own room with an bathroom and breakfast made for me ready in the morning (could definitely get used to this!). Got up and ready for the introduction for 10am and met the other students. A mixture from Plymouth, Farnham and Belgium. the first exercise was all about the body and movement. We were asked to all be in one large room and simply be free with our own body and get to know it using all movements that feel natural. We experimented with also musical movements weight interaction and space to interact with other people but also to be aware of our own feelings. From their we then had to come up with a movement of a particular part of the body and then go outside or around the studio and fine objects to make a relating form for that particular body movement. Anthea created a movement which originated from the finger tips and wrist moving and so created this which i have cleverly modelled for her:

i on the other hand created this in relation to the structure of the head, upper arm, elbow movement and lower arm (sticks i think were the best thing i could find in half an hour) and then a load of elastic to demonstrate the constriction of the arm movement and also interpreting a firm locking motion. 


It's all quite interesting how our teacher has a history of dance and brings movement into her designs. Later on we will be thinking about everyday movements and then interpreting those into designs and will then start the making part of the course!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Iris Van Herpen Exhibition - Calais

Thursday i took a nice trip over to Calais to see the amazing exhibition by the great 3D fashion designer Iris Van Herpen. The exhibition is currently showing at Cite Internatonale de la dentelle et de la mode de Calais. Her work is stunning. She creates some of the most remarkable 3D sculptural Fashion garments. Her work involves ideas from everyday circumstances and unique materials and transforms them to take on the body's shape.


I would absolutely recommend going if you can afford the trip to Calais, obviously they look amazing in the photos but seeing actually up close, and really being able to appreciate the craftsmanship of these pieces and see them in all angles.

Also in the same museum currently showing an awesome exhibition 'Lace Effects 1'. Exhibiting are some brilliant designers from all over England and France plus some exclusive work of students from UCA campuses - WELL WORK SEEING!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

"Thread" Exhibition !

Sunday the 3rd of November will be the first exhibition i will be participating in which will be held at the Farnham Maltings, along with my fellow 3rd year girls. Our work includes 2nd year level textiles both print and weave specialists. I will be showing 5 pieces in the show and looking forward to people coming to see it. I'm not sure yet how much it is to get into the exhibition but will be posting more towards the time. There will  also be other artists and textile designers holding stands of their work to both sell and show. Looking forward to it!.. The future is only just beginning for the 3rd years :)....For more info follow the link bellow:

Friday, 18 October 2013

EASYBIB!... The referencing time saver

I can't believe i have only just heard about this app to help me with bibliographies!... I would definitely recommend it to anyone who struggles with referencing. This free app literally does it all for you in 3 seconds! All you have to do is hover your camera over the bar-code on a book and the app will simply load in a couple of seconds and as if by magic all the information you need comes up, including the title, author, place, publisher and date. genius! ... and no its not cheating... just saving you so much time!... plus it really helps if say you're in a book shop and want the reference quick this is all you have to do ! :) being a student i would like to thank the designer of this app very very much its so nice and simple.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I'm back!

I'm all back at uni and have officially moved back onto my desk and already to set up camp for the next 8 months. Excited but really need to get my head i gear and start the real work a.s.a.p. ... printing!... so here i go lets see what i can make out of this load...

Pinning most of my work up in front of me always helps to try and keep my mind flowing and link things up to what I've already done.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

So many books!

So the research is slowly progressing by literally raiding the university library!.. i always tend to research different areas of art so that i can get a larger perspective of compositions, colours, shape etc. Even though I've been writing out bibliographies for a couple of years now i still can't seem to get my head around it! The Farnham library is huge! I am so grateful that we have such a range of books that really interest me... although the only bad thing is when some books are available on 3 week loans and there is only one copy of the book! Some of the books i adore have already been taken out so it looks like i'm either going to have to wait 3 weeks for them to come back or dip into my pockets and buy some... looks like i'll be asking for some books for Christmas!?

All of these books i highly reccomend especially "Cutting edges (Contemporary collage)" 
Robert Klanten, Hendrik Hellige and J. Gallagher... which includes many of the best collage pieces from around the world... and even if you're not that interested in collage i can almost garentee you will be if you look through this.. i found it on amazon for around £22. Although that maybe slightly expensive for a book its well worth it!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The dreaded dissertation...

I'm so excited to crack on with the 9000 word essay for my final year at uni.... if only. Lucky however, i get to split it into two more manageable essays. So it'll be a 6000 words on my chosen subject and a later 3000 word essay on my critical reflection on my own work.
Well so far i have pretty much got no where with that! Although i love colour and have recently been given an amazing book called "colour; a journey" by Victoria Alexander which i highly recommend even for people not studying art.

 All the pictures are stunning quality and she discusses about her journey and relations with colour and cultures have. It simply made me crave a new adventure to travel and see all the colours the world has to offer.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The research begins.

So I took a nice trip up to London again on Monday for inspiration in preparation for todays tutorial... I think alot my todays inspiration mainly came from simply roaming around taking in the amazing buildings in the city. My initial plans have developed from work experience at Livingstone studio involving architecture and so the tutorial today was extremely helpful in making think about other types of architecture including the less expensive and extravagant options e.g huts and cardboard boxes (expensive vs. in-expensive) ... with this i can compare the two and create a contrast of colour, line and texture. 

Friday, 20 September 2013

3rd year here we go!...

Wow how fast has this year gone!?.. Having done my work experience and had a lovely long summer it's time to get my head in gear and get back into my uni  work.. or soon to be the rest of my life's work!... I've been a bit silly not posting over the summer but hey ho i'm a student and it was possibly my last long summer i'm gonna get for a while!

The summer break i feel was just what i needed to really relax and just be me - work loads, sleep loads and go on an amazing holiday to Marbella with my friends...

... But now it's time to get back to work - be focused and stressed (get spots and constantly biting my fingers) but that the way i like things to be. I can't wait to start putting all my ideas down and my new projects and start printing again... i've really missed the studio, went back and chose my desk on Monday and really made me think how great it was to be there, i'm very lucky i have such a great space to work in at Farnham.

Over the summer i feel like i've learnt so much more than i could have asked for, especially doing my work experience, if i hadn't of done that and created a load of work, i wouldn't have been able to reflect back now, and really think about how i need to focus on what i'm interested in rather than what i think other people will like or at least be able to comment on.

The rest of the years i feel i have been really lucky with the ideas i have come up with or things i have found to help me come u with a research proposal. This year i think i have the opportunity to re-explore what i have already seen but not quite paid attention to, i would like to focus on the details that wouldn't possibly be the first thing anyone would be interested in at first glance.

It's funny how even a simple yet imaginative film can really inspire you to think about it in more depth and to put yourself into that situation in terms of helping you with a project for example... would i like to travel back in time... not really, i'd simply like to look back on it, appreciate how it got me here and how i can use my experiences to create something new for the future.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

All done for the summer!!...?

So its been 3 weeks since my last post pretty much ! oh dear... so anyway i have finished at Courtaulds design studio in London :( it was really great to be designing for M&S, i got a chance to design for Hunkemoller too which was fun, all kinds of prints from flowers and feathers to birds.... and more flowers.. apparently you can never have too many flower prints. But i had a great time and would definitely reccommend the company if anyone doing textiles print are looking for work experience !

Saturday, 15 June 2013

2nd prize to Suki!!

Suki just one 2nd prize for the prettiest girl in the dog show!  well done suki!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Week 9 and last one...

So this week is the final week of my internship with Livingstone studio, sad to be leaving as i simple love the space a couldn't have asked for a better placement although is is my time to move on! The next plan is to do a few weeks work experience at Courtaulds Design studio in London just off oxford street. Looking forward to it although it is going to be completely different to Livingstone studio.. we'll see what happens! I have felt so welcome at the studio and everyone has been great especially if i have had any questions to ask they are happy to share their experiences. I feel my work has improved in terms of time management, gallery management and some of the most simplest ideas and hints i have been given have been so helpful into realizing that loosening up and sometimes doing a really crappy little sketch isn't such a bad thing, as it can easily be a small piece of great work to come!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Livingstone studio - 6 weeks in, only 3 left...

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far in London. I have felt very welcome by all the artists in residence and the gallery management. In terms of preparing for my 3rd year of uni, my inspiration is expanding quite well. My travels around London have been extremely helpful for primary research and it has given me a lot of time to go and explore more museums and galleries.

In the past 6 weeks I have been able to create a time plan and a diary of research gathered. This has helped m to determine and control the use of my time as i understand that for my 3rd year i'm mostly on my own! I will have to produce new innovative ideas for fabric with only the help of all my research from the summer, so i plan on making the most of it... i.e. seeing all the parts of London i possibly can (making the most of my travel card as well!) as the experience isn't going to come along again anytime soon and the price to get up to London isn't cheap, which i was originally aware of, luckily!

I'm not sure quite where i would like the research to go yet, as i know that i still have 3 weeks left in London so i feel that i can find a lot more interesting places, and plus i have all summer so who knows what the outcome will be?!

The gallery work has been great fun to create a better understanding of the textiles industry and to think about my possible future business in textiles. I have had the opportunity to meet and work in the same studio with some amazing designers. And also meeting the famous actress Emma Thompson when she came shopping in Livingstone studio one day.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

M&S Lingerie design competition won!

Earlier this year i entered a design competition for Marks and Spencer lingerie limited edition collection. I have been informed today that my designs has won! Very exciting as it was my first competition entered during my time at uni. The designs are created using my own drawings and other digital manipulation inspired by S/S trends and my own research of textures and feathers.
These were the two designs that won: 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Final Unit Year 2

All done with 2nd year print and am happy with this years outcomes. The final unit was based on London and included a closer study of colour and print texture. Collage was the main use of texture and shape in my initial samples.

Now am currently starting an internship for 2 months at London's Livingstone studio, studying the business and creating my own research to go towards my final project in 3rd year of uni ! Time has simply flown by! 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

2nd year Unit 1 complete... happy days

All done with the new unit for the second year... dragged out a little but was worth all the hard work. Quite pleased with the final piece although there's always room for improvement. The project was based around the idea of "compare and contrast" and so after doing some research and sketching i finally chose to work around a fox skull found in a wooded area where i live and some interesting feathers...

And so after 6 months of sketching, sampling i came up with a final art piece using Velvet, Silk Satin and Bamboo Silk and as the piece shows stages, as does the print itself and gradually begins to fall apart. And after being introduced to Devore this semester i can safely say that this technique has been abused alot but all for good purposes...

The piece is 3m tall ad 1.15m wide all together and overall uses 6m of different fabrics to create the different layers. the idea of a visualization was for it to be shown in the natural history museum as a representation of the stages of life and fragility of the objects within the museum, the green and earthy colours also take a part in creating a more natural element to the piece.

All prep work with this project can be found in "UCA Work"

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

That's a lot of icicles!!!...

Whilst on my way to uni this morning a just had to stop and take a picture of this amazing amount of icicles ... it continues along the bush about 5 meters! 

Friday, 18 January 2013