Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The dreaded dissertation...

I'm so excited to crack on with the 9000 word essay for my final year at uni.... if only. Lucky however, i get to split it into two more manageable essays. So it'll be a 6000 words on my chosen subject and a later 3000 word essay on my critical reflection on my own work.
Well so far i have pretty much got no where with that! Although i love colour and have recently been given an amazing book called "colour; a journey" by Victoria Alexander which i highly recommend even for people not studying art.

 All the pictures are stunning quality and she discusses about her journey and relations with colour and cultures have. It simply made me crave a new adventure to travel and see all the colours the world has to offer.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The research begins.

So I took a nice trip up to London again on Monday for inspiration in preparation for todays tutorial... I think alot my todays inspiration mainly came from simply roaming around taking in the amazing buildings in the city. My initial plans have developed from work experience at Livingstone studio involving architecture and so the tutorial today was extremely helpful in making think about other types of architecture including the less expensive and extravagant options e.g huts and cardboard boxes (expensive vs. in-expensive) ... with this i can compare the two and create a contrast of colour, line and texture. 

Friday, 20 September 2013

3rd year here we go!...

Wow how fast has this year gone!?.. Having done my work experience and had a lovely long summer it's time to get my head in gear and get back into my uni  work.. or soon to be the rest of my life's work!... I've been a bit silly not posting over the summer but hey ho i'm a student and it was possibly my last long summer i'm gonna get for a while!

The summer break i feel was just what i needed to really relax and just be me - work loads, sleep loads and go on an amazing holiday to Marbella with my friends...

... But now it's time to get back to work - be focused and stressed (get spots and constantly biting my fingers) but that the way i like things to be. I can't wait to start putting all my ideas down and my new projects and start printing again... i've really missed the studio, went back and chose my desk on Monday and really made me think how great it was to be there, i'm very lucky i have such a great space to work in at Farnham.

Over the summer i feel like i've learnt so much more than i could have asked for, especially doing my work experience, if i hadn't of done that and created a load of work, i wouldn't have been able to reflect back now, and really think about how i need to focus on what i'm interested in rather than what i think other people will like or at least be able to comment on.

The rest of the years i feel i have been really lucky with the ideas i have come up with or things i have found to help me come u with a research proposal. This year i think i have the opportunity to re-explore what i have already seen but not quite paid attention to, i would like to focus on the details that wouldn't possibly be the first thing anyone would be interested in at first glance.

It's funny how even a simple yet imaginative film can really inspire you to think about it in more depth and to put yourself into that situation in terms of helping you with a project for example... would i like to travel back in time... not really, i'd simply like to look back on it, appreciate how it got me here and how i can use my experiences to create something new for the future.