Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Day 3... i'll let you judge.

My bed in the B&B is so comfy i slept straight through my alarm :) Only just managed to wake up in time for breakfast!.. wouldn't ave wanted to miss out on that!. .

Anyway , today was slightly more motivating. We were introduced to a new teacher who works with the company Phillips. She has both a fashion and technical background and was intrigued to listen to what products we had come up with yesterday. We were then put into groups of 3 to combine all of our ideas and work with our specialisms. I was in a group with a weaver and a fashion designer, quite interesting and good to find out more about different professions and ideas. We also had small workshops, i learnt how to use the laser cutter which of course will come in very handy when back in the studio, and i was simply told were they kept all the screen printing equipment... hopefully will be using this tomorrow, and of course be in my element!...

Anyway here was the product we eventually came up with, to emphasize big hoodies and large shoulder movements...

I'll let you do the judging....

Later in the evening we were able to leave a little earlier to have a relaxing evening and just have a good chit chat. Elliot had drawn me a really cool graffiti piece :) whilst the girls chilled out watching a good bit of monsters university.

Bed time already, this week is already flying by and only one full day left and leaving at 12 on friday :( ... so we're all guessing lots of work tomorrow ready for a presentation on friday morning.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Day 2.. A useful lecture

Similarly as yesterday, in the morning again had an amazing big breakfast thanks to the lovely Patsy who runs the B&B.Then this morning got back into the studio for some more loosening body exercises and re-thinking of our specific, everyday ritual.... So i ended up choosing the motion of wiping my window when i get into the car.. from this we we asked to make something in relation to this movement. The concept has been slightly hard to understand considering i don't do garment making or make anything functional. But eventually i simply came up with a wiping tool which can be slid onto the hand and has cushioned parts to the pressure points of the hand which wipe the window.

It has been interesting to learn more about the body and thinking further into the shapes which it moves into, however i feel slightly uncomfortable creating a product rather than learning about the fabric and other uses of print design. So far we haven't yet been introduced to any lazer cutting, screen printing, heat pressing or embroidery techniques. I have felt similarly to what i felt in my old drama lessons - slightly pointless.

However at 1pm we had a lecture on new innovative materials and other printing materials. This on the other had was very useful and we all learnt things which will be very useful back home when carrying on with our uni projects. But they'll be no telling til the end of the year ... will be fun to see what i can come up with. Everyone else had some interesting things to come up with.. for example one girl made a pretty amazing dressing gown-like outfit... pretty see-through but it was to represent "just...hanging around" lol ... i haven't been in such hysterics like that for a long time! i just thought it was a brilliant way she said it.

Looking forward to tomorrow, hopefully they'll be some printing going on. 

Monday, 25 November 2013

So I'm in Belgium...

Suddenly i'm in Belgium !... Well the opportunity was mentioned by our technician at uni with an application for a completely free experience to go to Belgium and do a skills tour. Run by CrysaLis (the same organisation run in Calais who created the exhibition of Iris Van Herpen, the Skills tour is a 5 day workshop experience new textiles techniques including lazer cutting, Silk screen printing, weaving, electronic fabrics, heat press and more! The whole journey completely free (food, accommodation and travel) all they would like in return is a report about the experience hence why i'm writing up about my journey here :) 

Day 1:
I am so very lucky to have been given this opportunity as it definitely does not get given out every day. It all very exciting so far, the B&B couldn't be more lovely, my own room with an bathroom and breakfast made for me ready in the morning (could definitely get used to this!). Got up and ready for the introduction for 10am and met the other students. A mixture from Plymouth, Farnham and Belgium. the first exercise was all about the body and movement. We were asked to all be in one large room and simply be free with our own body and get to know it using all movements that feel natural. We experimented with also musical movements weight interaction and space to interact with other people but also to be aware of our own feelings. From their we then had to come up with a movement of a particular part of the body and then go outside or around the studio and fine objects to make a relating form for that particular body movement. Anthea created a movement which originated from the finger tips and wrist moving and so created this which i have cleverly modelled for her:

i on the other hand created this in relation to the structure of the head, upper arm, elbow movement and lower arm (sticks i think were the best thing i could find in half an hour) and then a load of elastic to demonstrate the constriction of the arm movement and also interpreting a firm locking motion. 


It's all quite interesting how our teacher has a history of dance and brings movement into her designs. Later on we will be thinking about everyday movements and then interpreting those into designs and will then start the making part of the course!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Iris Van Herpen Exhibition - Calais

Thursday i took a nice trip over to Calais to see the amazing exhibition by the great 3D fashion designer Iris Van Herpen. The exhibition is currently showing at Cite Internatonale de la dentelle et de la mode de Calais. Her work is stunning. She creates some of the most remarkable 3D sculptural Fashion garments. Her work involves ideas from everyday circumstances and unique materials and transforms them to take on the body's shape.


I would absolutely recommend going if you can afford the trip to Calais, obviously they look amazing in the photos but seeing actually up close, and really being able to appreciate the craftsmanship of these pieces and see them in all angles.

Also in the same museum currently showing an awesome exhibition 'Lace Effects 1'. Exhibiting are some brilliant designers from all over England and France plus some exclusive work of students from UCA campuses - WELL WORK SEEING!