Saturday, 31 May 2014

Final end of year show!

All in all,  think the show went really well and couldn't have looked better! Textiles was lucky this year to be put in the front foyer gallery of the university in order for people to notice our work a lot more when passing through as in the past, not many people knew where the studio was and so the shows would be quite well hidden.  As you can see in the pictures the layout was carefully thought about and i was lucky to have my work put on its own plinth towards the front of the entrance. However i must add that it all seems left to the last minute to decide what was going where and was a little stressful - for the tutors mostly - but was slightly frustrating for us girls.... nevertheless it turned out to be a great show...

If you are interested in seeing the whole university show: it is on until 7th of June and the address is: 

UCA Farnham
Faulkner Road

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Business cards arrived!

Here they are! It's all happening, off into the big wide world i go... they make me feel quite grown up but am so excited to be handing them out to possible future clients or even bosses....

Preparing for final year show!

Stressful but getting there! It's been such a long time waiting around and wondering what is going to be put up where, but considering this is the first time Textiles at UCA Farnham is going to be set up in the foyer (before the James Hockey gallery, the overall set is looking good! But as the whole 3rd textiles course is taken up by girls you can imagine the tense atmosphere when things don't go their way!

The show starts tomorrow at 5 and am looking forward to showing all our hard work off to the public finally.

Monday, 5 May 2014

FMP Final Post...

We finally come to the end of what seems an era as it is the day before hand in of my final major project at university and then no more studying... until  start my Masters in a few years. It seems to have been quite a long and tiring year but hopefully it'll all be work it.
The resulting samples, i have put into a few visualizations which have come out fairly well...