More breakdown prints...

Continuing with breakdown printed designs ....

I am always pleased with printing in this way as I am guaranteed to achieve different results every time.

These prints are purely playful designs, it's brilliant having the time to simply play with techniques without deadlines or having a reason for doing it. I am still experimenting with colour mixing, proportion and composition. 

Procion on Milk fibre has been a great interest lately and ow that I am confident that I works well with my designs I am comfortable moving on soon to printing on other fabrics. 

The next step I would like to explore is testing prints on Wool or Cotton velvet and create designs fit for interior uses. 

Selvedge Magazine Blog post

Selvedge magazine have kindly posted a blog about my workshop at Farnham Maltings! 

Read more at:

Workshop at Farnham Maltings

I will be delivering a print workshop on Saturday 27th of October. The workshop is available to 10 - 15 year olds and will introduce students to simple block printing techniques onto textiles and they will be producing their own fantastic prints onto a tote bag which they can keep and and use.

We will be using pigments and binders suitable for fabric so the bag can be continuously used and washed. As well we'll be adding on texture and finer lines with fabric crayons and fabric pens.

Follow the link to book your space!

Presentation this Saturday!

I'll be doing a presentation about my work this Saturday (15th Oct) @ 3:30pm at the Farnham Maltings about my work, past and future projects. I'll be there among plenty of other fantastic crafts people talking and selling their work. Only £3 entry! Worth a look...

Screen print workshop - Farnham craft month

This is the first year of Farnham Craft month. I chose to teach a screen printing workshop at UCA in the textile department and it turned out to be quite a success. They learnt the basics of screen printing and all had a go at printing on a t-shirt. We had such great feedback from all the participant who joined in on the workshops.

Heres a video of them all in action...


Thanks to everyone involved!


I came back from Italy a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share a few lovely photos.

We traveled to the south of Italy to a place called Taranto (which we later found out was one of the most polluted cities in Europe :O )... but that didn't stop us from admiring all the fantastic abandoned buildings...

... and the lovely colours and peeling paint on the rowing boats...

Not to mention the number of beautiful doors on the many derelict buildings...

The colours and textures have inspired me to do some ore sketchbook work :D.

Exhibiting at the Fashion and Textile Museum London

Very excited to announce that I will be among a large few (very talented) textile artists and designers exhibiting in the up coming "Festival of textiles 2016" exhibition, being presented at the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey, London... curated by Linda Brassington ad Diana Harrison. So if you are travelling up to London between the dates 11 March – 17 April 2016, please do come along to the "Art Textiles" exhibition aswell which will be inspiring.

For more information visit the website link: