Saturday, 15 June 2013

2nd prize to Suki!!

Suki just one 2nd prize for the prettiest girl in the dog show!  well done suki!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Week 9 and last one...

So this week is the final week of my internship with Livingstone studio, sad to be leaving as i simple love the space a couldn't have asked for a better placement although is is my time to move on! The next plan is to do a few weeks work experience at Courtaulds Design studio in London just off oxford street. Looking forward to it although it is going to be completely different to Livingstone studio.. we'll see what happens! I have felt so welcome at the studio and everyone has been great especially if i have had any questions to ask they are happy to share their experiences. I feel my work has improved in terms of time management, gallery management and some of the most simplest ideas and hints i have been given have been so helpful into realizing that loosening up and sometimes doing a really crappy little sketch isn't such a bad thing, as it can easily be a small piece of great work to come!